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Privacy Policy

Below is a privacy policy created by Deenside Ltd. Please be sure to read it carefully.


A Cookie is an item used to stored data on your PC.
We store two bits of information in one cookie on your PC, theses are:

  1. When you first visit our site a cookie is created and you are counted on our hit counter, the cookie ensures that when you return to the site that you are not counted a second time (this is true until the cookie either expires or is deleted).
  2. The second piece of information that is stored in the cookie is a random code that you are given so that you may shop on our site, this is created automatically when you first visit.

Personal Information

Deenside Ltd does not and will not disclose personal information you provide to other companies.

External Links

Deenside Ltd is not responsible for any external links that appear on the site that includes their content or privacy practices.


Deenside Ltd has and continues to do it's best to ensure the safety and privacy of its users from unauthorized access to personal information.

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