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Camlock Baton

The best baton in the World

Available to NUMS clients via DHL Supply chain
All other Forces please contact

Mr Cameron McDade
07789 531129

Camlock Baton

Points to note:

  • Compliance with European Technical Directive 04/2006 for the design and testing of long and short batons
  • The design allows for discreet low-noise and single-handed deployment and closing of the baton. There is no metallic grinding, noise or rattling and the baton remains locked
  • The baton can deliver 50% greater impact force for a given input of energy (strike) than any other baton (UK Police testing verified)
  • No possibility of ‘bounce back’ (a negative feature of some other batons where they can, due to poor design, literally bounce back into the handle when racked)
  • Will not collapse without the use of the button when struck against a hard surface
  • Safety lock out feature. The baton will lock into the open position if extreme force is used to try and close the baton without the use of the button or if an extremely high amount of force is used directly on the baton in line with the tubes. This prevents closure of the baton enabling it to be used without fear of collapse
  • After release from the resting position the baton can extend under its own weight AND lock (vertical position, tip down)
  • Holster – Baton can be drawn from the holster with one handed operation and automatically rack if required i.e. pushed firmly into the bottom of the holster to rack upon withdrawal.
  • End Ring – can be fitted and removed without tools
  • The integrated design of the coating and plain bearings protects the surface from corrosion and keeps dirt and contaminants out of the interior of the baton. It is never necessary for the user to open the baton for maintenance
  • Individual serial number marking to customers specification
  • 10-year guarantee
Dimension Unit 16 Inch 21 Inch 26 Inch
Weight Grams 460 540 679
Length Closed mm/inches 185/7.4 215/8.6 265/10.6
Length Open mm/inches 410/16.4 510/20.4 660/26.4
Material Grip Tube Material Steel Steel Steel
Material Middle Tube Material 48 HRC Steel 48 HRC Steel 48 HRC Steel
Material End Tube Material 48 HRC Steel 48 HRC Steel 48 HRC Steel
Diameter Grip Tube mm/inches 28/1.12 28/1.12 28/1.12
Diameter Middle Tube mm/inches 22.5/0.9 22.5/0.9 22.5/0.9
Diameter End Tube mm/inches 18/0.72 18/0.72 18/0.72
Camlock Baton

D721 H3 (VEGA) HOLSTER FOR 16", 21", 24" & 26" batons

The world's best baton now gets the world's best holster.

The H3 'Vega' holster is the latest baton holster and provides a firm grip on the baton at all times whilst allowing the baton to be drawn in the closed position or by inserting the baton into the special clip at the bottom of the holster it can be drawn already racked.

High strength materials and a rotating design give superb flexibility and an extremely long life.

No user adjustments to the holster are necessary to provide maximum functionality.

Designed to fit all Camlock Baton sizes
Injection Moulded Polymer with rotating and opening belt loop For belts 4mm to 5mm thickness and 3.5cm to 6cm in height (size is adjustable)