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TW1000 RSG-6 Professional

SS2/15/18 Lot 2 PAVA - The Metropolitan Police Service has awarded Deenside Ltd the contract to supply PAVA, TW1000 RSG-6 Professional (Police Irritant Spray) and holders on a National Framework contract throughout the UK. To be added to this contract simply contact Deenside Ltd below

Mr Cameron McDade
07789 531129


TW1000 RSG-6 Professional (PAVA) is certified by The Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) to their LATEST standard - 23/14

  • The TW1000 allows Officers to deploy the spray throughout 360 degrees without any loss of pressure stream.
  • Significantly more potent than CS gas (ACPO)
  • Non flammable
  • Taser safe
  • Little or NO cross contamination
  • Pop up indicator allowing user to know that the can has been activated
  • Unique formula


TW1000 Options

  Deenside Code Description
D042/SWH D042/SWH RSG 6 Tactical
D042/REF D042/REF RSG 6 Tactical - Refill
D042/STA D042/STA RSG Standard
D043/SWH D043/SWH RSG Tactical Inert
D043/REF D043/REF RSG Tactical Inert - Refill
D043/SWC D043/SWC RSG Standard - Inert
  D043/SNC No Cap
  D043/SBC Non 360
  D043/SOC Snap on Cap
D042/H-O D042/H-O RSG Tactical – Holder Only

PAVA Holder Options

  Deenside Code Description
D044/STD D044/STD Standard 12 Position Leather Loop Belt Mount
D044/KLI D044/KLI Klick Fast Belt mount with 50mm Belt DOCK
D044/MVM D044/MVM MOLLE Vest Mount
D044/MVD D044/MVD Separate Klick Fast Vest DOCK
D044/SLLBM D044/SLLBM Standard Leather Loop Belt Mount
D044/FKM D044/FKM Fabric KlickFast Mount
D044/FMVM D044/FMVM Fabric MOLLE Vest Mount
  D044/RFT Retro fit Tube for existing leather holder
D044/BMESP D044/BMESP Belt Mount