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Deenside Product Catalogue

D269/Harness - Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard

D269/Harness - Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard

Product Description

The D269/Harness enables the user to wear the D269 Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard in 3 different configurations

Wear as a Stand-alone harness to secure the Shoulder & Upper Arm Guards
Wear in conjunction with Personal Issue PPE Body Armour
Wear in conjunction with the D100 ABS Chest Guard


The Harness is quick and east to retro fit and apply to the current issue D269 Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard
The Harness is made from durable 50mm elastic & velcro and is machine washable
Fully adjustable by Velcro so one size fits all Unisex
Allows complete upper body, shoulder and arm movement without any chest restrictions


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