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Deenside Product Catalogue



This product is designed to provide protection without impeding free movement of the body against the risk of injury that could be caused by missiles thrown or skated, strikes by batons, poles or bars, kicks, punches and catapulted missiles that may be used against officers in operational or training scenarios.The shoulder guard is held onto the wearer's body armour by passing the 50mm elastic strap under the ballistic vest and back over the top of the shoulder guard. The shoulder guard is then secured by feeding the elastic strap through the plastic guide and onto the shoulder, fastening by Velcro. The upper arm is then secured using the 30mm Elasticated strap.Shoulder & upper arm guards are in pairs. Yellow Velcro on the upper arm strap signifies the right arm.

NOTE: D269 range is designed to be worn in conjunction with ballistic/knife vest.

Size(s): Short, Regular, Long and Extra long.


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