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Deenside Product Catalogue



The Deenside Modular Ballistic Vest (MBV) can be supplied with a wide variety of armour inserts with soft armour protection up to NIJ IIIA, plus a range of hard
armour plate inserts for front, back and side coverage,
upgrading the protection to NIJ IV 7.62mm Multi Strike.

This unique vest has been designed by experts in
multidisciplinary combat rolls and is widely considered
to be one of the most versatile systems available today.


> Upgradable Ballistic Neck, Groin & Upper Arm
Protection NIJ IIIA which can be applied or removed
without the need to remove the vest

> Ballistic protective area of: 0.55-0.63m2

> Molle webbing offers the user multi directional
placement of their equipment pouches so the vest
can be customised for a wide variety of operation.

> Quick release pouches: we have developed a very
innovative pouch system allowing the user to quickly
and quietly gain access to their vital equipment.

> Low Profile Hydration System: Low profile stay
flat hydration system contained in a rear pocket
of the vest.

> Heavy Duty Extraction Handle

> Wide selection of Operational Pouches & Dump Bags

> Optional Quick Release System

> All camouflage colours and styles are available
(Minimum Order)

WEIGHT 4.50-5.00 KGS

This product is currently not available to purchase through our website.

Please contact us for further information.

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