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Deenside Product Catalogue

H3 (VEGA) Holster for 21


The world's best baton now gets the world's best holster.

The H3 'Vega' holster is the latest baton holster and provides a firm grip on the baton at all times whilst allowing the baton to be drawn in the closed position or by inserting the baton into the special clip at the bottom of the holster it can be drawn already racked.

High strength materials and a rotating design give superb flexibility and an extremely long life.

No user adjustments to the holster are necessary to provide maximum functionality.

Designed for the 21? Camlock Baton
Injection Moulded Polymer with rotating and opening belt loop
For belts 4mm to 5mm thickness and 3.5cm to 6cm in height (size is adjustable)

This product is currently not available to purchase through our website.

Please contact us for further information.

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