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Deenside Product Catalogue

H1 Holster



The H1/K1 holster system is modular by design. The CAMLOCK 21 inch and 26 inch are available both as open shell holsters and as closed sheaths. 3 different systems are available for attachment to a belt, catering for all requirements and fields of application. In each case the rotating mechanism is a spring-loaded latch which can be turned through a maximum 180° in 30 steps and can thus be worn to the left or right. The H1 holster can be rotated 180° in an axial direction by pulling the holster shell. The holster shell can ratchet in 30 steps using spring force. The security strap with ‘thumb snap’ can be reversed via the rear slot, in order to facilitate wear on the left or right. The CAMLOCKlocks into the lower plastic clip with gentle pressure. From this position it can be pulled forward and broken out or drawn up and out, whereby the second action results in automatic extension. Pane strike ring. The glass breaker ring is screwed onto the bottom end of the holster and can be attached to the end of the CAMLOCK as required.
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