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Deenside Product Catalogue

Ballistic Visor

D646 Visors

Visors are available in 4.2mm to 5.5mm Polycarbonate with a steel frame
The visor can easily be fitted to the PASGT by the user
The visor can be locked into several different positions. With a liquid seal and suitable for riot protection use

Ballistic version Visor NIJ IIIA Made from Ballistic PC 20mm thick and not suitable for riot control because of the weigh and lack of liquid seal. The visor is removable to the PASGT and other Ballistic helmets. The visor can be locked into several different positions
Thickness: 20mm
Weight of Visor: 1085grams/pc approx
Weight of Rack: 350grams/pc approx
Total Weight: 1435grams/set approx

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