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Deenside Product Catalogue

Manta4 Multi Function Helmet



The Manta4 SAR Helmet is a high performance multi-role technical rescue helmet with the facility to fit a variety of accessories. The helmet is tested to 5 different standards giving it the unique ability to make it suitable for a very diverse field of tasks or one helmet to do many roles including:

* Working at height / urban climbing
* Swift Water Rescue / Maritime operations / Boat driver
* Confined space / CBRN
* Technical Assistance / Search & Rescue
* Snowmobile / Quad bike / Jet-ski
* Animal rescue
* Protestor removal

Fully customisable with many accessories, torch options, colour options and also available in a Tactical / Police / Military configuration that includes a NVG mount and side rails. Available in a variety of colours to suit the organisation or role and can include customisable graphics and text for all customers and operations.

See the attached data sheets for more information or email for more details and pricing information.

This is a top class SAR and multifunction helmet and an ideal replacement for the now discontinued ER1 Rescue helmet.


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