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Deenside Product Catalogue

Easy Lock Baton

D057 & D058

This hardened baton is designated for professional use by the police and other security forces. Its tubes are made of high quality hardened steel, tried and tested over time with millions of batons already produced. The hardening makes the telescopic tubes extremely resistant against bending

This type of baton can be racked by swinging the handle into a free space or by pulling out the tubes manually for covert opening. The holster also has the option for a removable auto-racking part allowing racking of the baton upon withdrawal from the holster. The locking mechanism then fixes the tubes into the expanded position. Pressing the button on the handle allows the tubes to be easily pushed back inside the handle. The baton can always be closed easily and effortlessly, no matter the force with which the baton was racked. There is no need to look for any hard surface to close the baton as you would with a friction lock expandable baton

Professional swivelling holder is included with each baton. Thanks to its unique patented construction it enables very quick drawing of the baton just with one hand. The holder is made from highly resistant plastic and incorporates a new quick removal system that allows the front of the holster to be removed from the mounting assembly in seconds. The holster can be supplied separately and is adjustable for most belt sizes

Two handle styles available both with added ?anti roll? retention end as an option

Length (expanded): 20" / 508 mm Length (closed): 8.8" / 224 mm Weight: 485g

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